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Do you want to learn to program microcontrollers using the platform Arduino?

Here is the electrotechnicl kit 21. century with a beautifully illustrated manual in Czech language!

Through our store and you say to yourself, that is a lot of nice peripherals, which can the arduino connect to?
it to program?

This unique set will help to understand how to work modern electronics, which is all around us.
Do not hesitate to penetrate into the world of electrical engineering 21. century!

Included in the package:

An illustrated guide in the major language - 1x
Arduino UNO main board - 1x
USB cable - 1x
Contact solder field - 1x
Wires male-male 65ks - 1x
LEDS red - 2x
LEDS green - 2x
Blue LEDS - 2x
LEDS yellow - 2x
LEDS white - 2x
Button - 5x
Resistor 330 Ohm - 10
Resistor 10K Ohm - 10
A total of 42 pieces of electrical components!

With this set you will understand the barest basics of programming and digital techniques.
When in this kit fall in love, I'm sure you buy more components and build for example:
Multimedia player
Mobile phone
Video game
SMS gateway
Home alarm
And much more...
You wonder whether the kit purchased?

Please read opinion from a teacher of electrical engineering in college:

"The kit I recommend for teaching the basics of electronics to elementary, middle and high schools.
Set we can use both independently and under the guidance of a more experienced tutor. A similar product is not currently on the Czech market."

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