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Used to the doppler radar technology to detect motion. This sensor can control a different product.
A microwave planar antenna which receives the echo.
Signals pass through doors, glass and thin walls.
Better response if the person or object moves towards the sensor.
The pin OUT is 0V when nothing is moving. When the module detects motion, then on OUT appear to 5V and stays there approx 30s after stopping the movement. Then again change to 0V.
1. Power supply voltage: 3.3 - 20 V DC;
2. Quiescent current: 4 mA;
3. The size of the module: 23 * 33mm
4. Transmitting power: <2 mW;
5. Output signal: TTL (3V / 5V),
6. Sensing distance: 4-8 m;
7. Angle of detection: 180 degrees;
8. Time lapse: the Default settings of the 20S / 30S (adjustable).
1. Security systems and alarms
2. Intelligent lighting
3. Sensors for toys
4. Industrial automation and control

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