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Infrared switch detects the reflection. The use of, for example, at the hand dryers.
Beware, this is a kit and it is necessary components soldered on the pcb.

Supply voltage : 12V
Quiescent Current : 28mA
Pick-up current : 70mA
PCB: 58 * 44 mm
Sensing distance reference values : about 15 cm
Relay: 10A/250V
Time delay : 0 ~ 40 adjustable

PCB board x1
CD4093 DIP x1
14 -pin IC socket x1
KF301-2P terminal block x2
12V Relay x1
1N4007 diode x2
1N4148 diode x3
3MM red LED x1
940 infrared transmitter ( white) x1
940 infrared receiver ( Black ) x1
9012 transistor x4
9013 transistor x1
1W resistor 100ohm x1
33ohm 1W resistor x1
105 blue potentiometer x1
1K resistor x3
10K resistor x3
22K resistor x1
82 resistor x2
resistor 220K x2
5.1 M resistor x1
10M resistor x1
104 capacitor x3
47UF25V electrolytic capacitor x1
100UF25V electrolytic capacitor x1


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