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PCF8591 operating voltage range of 2.5 V to 6V
Communication via I2C
4 analog inputs programmable as single-ended or differential inputs
Automatic incremental channel selection
Analog voltage range from VSS to VDD
8-bit approximation a / D converter
Analog D / a CONVERTER

Package contents:

  • 1 x PCF8591 AD/DA converter for Arduino


And a module chip using PCF89512. module supports external voltage input capture (input voltage range 0-5v)3. Three modules integrated photoresistor acquisition environment through the AD intensity accurate numerical4. modules integrated thermistor, can capture the precise value of the ambient temperature through the AD5. The five-module integrated 1 channel 0-5V voltage input acquisition (the blue potentiometer that adjust the input voltage)6. modules with power indicator light (on the module after power indicator lights)7. modules with the DA output indicator light board DA output indicator module DA output interface voltage reaches a certain value, the voltage the greater the light brightness is more obvious;8. module PCB size: 3.6 cm * 2.3cm9. standard double-sided, plate thickness 1.6 mm, the layout is nice, surrounded by the through-hole, aperture: 3mm, convenient fixed

The module interface:
The module's left and right, respectively, the external expansion of 2-way pin interface, respectively, as follows:Output interface of the left the AOUT chip DAThe AINO chip analog input interface.AIN1 chip analog input interfaceAIN2 chip analog input interfaceAIN3 chip analog input interfaceThe right side of the SCL IIC clock interface to access the microcontroller IO portThe SDA IIC digital interface connected microcontroller IO portGND module that an externalVCC power supply interface external 3.3 v-5v

Module red jumper instructions for useModule three red short circuit cap, respectively, the role are as follows:P4 connected to the P4 jumper, select thermistor access circuitP5 connected to P5 jumper to select the photoresistor access circuitP6 connected to the P6 jumper, to select 0-5V adjustable voltage access circuit

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