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Complete set including amplifier. A simple module designed to detect the moisture content of the soil. Dual output mode: analog output and digital Fixed hole for easy installation power Indicator (red) and digital switching output (green) LM393 comparator. Analog output is used for the accurate measurement of value. The digital output may for example control a relay at low moisture and water so for example the flowers. This threshold is adjustable by a trimmer, which is on the PCB of the amplifier.

Specifications: VCC: 3.3 V-5V: digital output interface (0 and 1) AO: analog output PCB Dimension: 3 x 1.5 cm Soil Probe: 6 x 2 cm wire Length: 21 cm Weight:11 g package Weight:21 g Package Contents:

  • The Module Soil Moisture

  • Probe

  • Jumper Dupont Cables

 When using the sensor in aggressive environments may lead to increased degradation of the electrodes of the sensor. To the degradation of the 
also occurs in humid environments when using dc supply voltage as a result of ongoing electrolysis.
When measuring moisture, therefore do not perform continuous measurement, but periodic, where, after performing the measurement disconnected 
the power supply of the sensor. The greater period you choose, the smaller the degradation will be. 
 In case of ambiguity, as the sensor to use properly, please contact our technical department. In the wrong 
the use of the sensor will not be on later claims shall be disregarded.

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