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A one-time big monočlánek with a capacity of 20000mAh and lasts up to 10 years. Pack after 2 pieces.

Product code 1486486688
Ean of the product 0889554000038
Weight 0.280000 Kg
Capacity: 20000 mAh
Note: pack of 2pcs
Design: great mono
Type: D
Dimensions: 34,2 x 61,5 mm
Voltage: 1.5 V
Manufacturer: Westinghouse

This is an alkaline battery with a voltage of 1.5 V, which is not charging. These disposable articles refer to even as the so-called primary cells. The advantage of alkaline cells is the low self-discharge, low price, high capacity and fit into the energy-efficient applications. Among the minor drawbacks include, for example, the decline in capacity when using in the dead of winter and the impossibility of charging. And so are the alkaline batteries of today the most widely used type of batteries and we'll find them in almost any device.


Company WESTINGHOUSE was founded in 1886 as Westinghouse Electric Company and gradually it became a major american manufacturer in the field of industry and energy. In its production program fall under areas such as home electronics, lighting, water treatment, industrial combustion and electric motors etc.
Fuel cells WESTINGHOUSE are used in nuclear power plants around the world and for us in the CZECH republic.

2pcs Monočlánek D Battery Alkaline Westinghouse D/LR20 1.5 V

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