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High sensitivity
Low operating voltage for embedded application.
Standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface.
AL422 3M-bits FIFO.
Raw RGB, RGB (GRB4: 2: 2, RGB565 / 555/444), YUV (4: 2: 2) and YCbCr (4: 2: 2), the output format.
Support VGA, CIF and from CIF to a format of 40 x 30.
Vario Pixel
Auto Image Control: AEC, AGC, AWB, ABF, ABLC.
Check image quality: color saturation, hue, gamma and sharpness
ISP involves the reduction and repair of defects.
Support scaling the image.
Flicker 50 / 60Hz auto detection.
Color saturation - automatic settings.
Enhancement of the edges of the level automatic adjustment.
Photosensitive array: 640 x 480.
IO voltage: 2.5 V to 3.0 In.
Traffic: 60 mW / 15fpsVGAYUV.
Sleep mode: <20µA.
Operating temperature: -30 to 70 ° C
Output format: YUV / YCbCr4: 2: 2 RGB565 / 555/444 GRB4: 2: 2 Raw RGB data (8 digits).
Lens size: 1/6" .
Sensing angle: 25 degree.
Max. Frame Rate: 30 frames per second VGA.
Sensitivity: 1.3 V / (Lux-sec).
Signal to noise ratio: 46 dB.
Dynamic range: 52 dB.
PCB dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 cm

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