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Arduino Micro clone is a more practical version of the Arduino Leonardo in a very small version 4.8 x 1.8 cm. Just like the great forerunner here we find the controller ATmega32u4. This advanced chip contains a built-in USB communication. Therefore, it can be controller to operate as a HID device (such as a mouse or a keyboard) and as a virtual COM interface. Start you facilitate the examples supplied with the software Arduino.

The card connects to your computer with a simple USB cable. This connection allows two-way communication and at the same time powers the controller. This makes it entry into the world of microprocessors simple. A special version of the Arduino Micro allows you to plug the controller to the wiring board. The connection to the 20 input/output pins (of which can be used 7 as PWM and 12 as analog inputs) is due to the fact very clear. Processor with a speed of 16 MHz and 32 Kb flash memory (4 KB it occupies bootloader) represent a sufficient source for large projects.

Warning: the Software is only in EN or DE language version.

 The technical specifications

SRAM: 2,5 kB


Clock frequency: 16 MHz

I/O pins: 20 (PWM 7 analog inputs 12)

Connectors: ICSP connector, a Micro USB connection

LED: RXD, TXD, power supply

Recommended input voltage: 7-12 V

Maximum input voltage: 20 In

The maximum current on the I/O pin: 40 mA

Technical parameters

Type of development kit (category) Board
Operating voltage 5 V/DC
Operating voltage (text) 5 In
Implementation ATmega32u4
The number of digital inputs 20
The number of digital inputs 12
The number of inputs/outputs 20
The number of digital inputs 7
The number of digital inputs 20
FLASH memory 32 kB
Current consumption 50 mA


A very small version

20 I/O pins

Fits on a conventional wiring board

Than order. Please keep in mind that it is required to solder the DuPont pins.
The Arduino micro is supplied with nezapájenými connectors as it is on the second picture of the product. Thank you for your understanding.

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