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Holographic LED clock with a safe, in a quiet and executive fan. As tailored to the steamy offices and homes. Ideal for laptops, and similar devices.

The fan is lightweight, portable, energy-efficient and nízkohlučný. Flexible metal neck is made of high quality stainless steel material and can be put into any position or angle. You just need to plug it in to USB, turn it on and it immediately works. On the blade of the fan is placed in a soft section of the ICE.

Suitable for computers and laptops with USB port (USB 1.0 and USB 2.0).
Don't come with a fan to face and hair. Don't touch the individual blades of the fan, don't even bother trying it on stop.

Working voltage: USB interface or DC 5V
Length of flexible metallic neck: approx 22 cm
The color of the fan: white


1 pc Fan to USB with LED luminous numerals
1 pcs USB cable
Comes a version without the stand on the table, the device connects directly to the USB.

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