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A multi-purpose detector suitable for use as a voltmeter, ammeter and tester battery capacity.


Size: 60x24x14 (mm)

Input voltage: 3V - 30V

Input current: 0 - 5.1 And

The cumulative range of capacity: 0-99999 mah accuracy: 0,001 Ah

The extent of accumulation of charge: 0-999999 MWH accuracy: 0,001 Wh

Cumulative performance range: 0-299.999 W accuracy: 0.001 W

The timing of maximum range: 0-999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds Accuracy: 1 second

The detector can measure the following parameters: battery voltage, current battery capacity of the battery, the amount of electric charge, battery performance, timings

Function parameters setting: Yes

Black color


Package contents:

1x multi-purpose detector LCD USB J7-t

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