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The power meter is a robust voltage meter for PC power supply, ATX. BTX and ITX can also be tested. The LCD Display shows the status of the voltage.

Suitable for amateurs as well as for a quick functional check in specialized trade.

Connect the power supply 24 PIN and P4, P6 or P8 into the corresponding connector of the test set power supply.

Turn on the power, you hear a tone, if not blink, the output voltage is normal.

If not detected by a certain voltage level or the determined voltage value is above/below normal, the tester starts a long buzzer.



Product type: PC 20/24 Pin ITX ATX BTX LCD power meter

Interface type: 20 / 24pin (ATX connector).

Voltage test: + 12V, -12V, + 5V, -5V, + 3.3 V, 5V

Connectors: floppy, HDD, CDROM, SATA, 4pin (P4), 8pin (Dual-CPU), 6pin (PCI Express)

Dimensions: 96 x 62 x 20 mm

Weight: 63g


Package contents:

1x power Meter LCD

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