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This product has a wide frequency range, high gain and low noise level.

This product can be used on different RF and increases the communication distance.

It is used for short-wave equipment, FM radio, remote control receiver.


Size: 25 * 52mm

The diameter of the end: 5 mm

Operating frequency: 0.1-2000MHz

The amplification of the amplifier:

F = 0.1 MHz, gain = 32dB

F = 500Mhz, gain = 31dB

F = 1000MHz, gain = 29dB

F = 1500Mhz, gain = 25dB

F = 2000MHz, gain = 20dB

Maximum output power: + 10dBm (10mW)

Supply voltage: 6-12 Vdc

Impedance of the system: 50Ω


Package contents:

1x 0.1-2000MHz RF wideband amplifier 30 dB LNA

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