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This cable adapter USB 2.0 to Slimline SATA 7 + 6 13pin laptop CD / DVD ROM is the latest product of the third generation, smaller, lighter and firmer. It is a practical, powerful and convenient for use.



Connect the 7 + 6 pinovou the optical drive Slimline SATA to your computer via USB port for easy data transfer

Support any optical drive Slim CD / DVD SATA

USB 2.0 interface, support plug and play and Hot-swamping

Support USB 2.0 with high-speed transmission of 480Mbps and the speed of 12Mbps

In accordance with a serial revision 2.0 and 1.0 specification ATA

Available USB 2.0 - a male connector and SATA 7 + 6 pin - female

There is a LED indicator power and access

Power mode USB bus is not required no external source of

No driver is required for no operating system

Small size, light weight, very comfortable fit, easy installation

Excellent security: Protecting your data offline

Length: 34 cm


Package contents:

1x Adapter SATA Slimline to USB 2.0 for laptop CD DVD Rom Drive 7+6 13Pin

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