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This thermometer can be used to measure simultaneously up to 4 different temperatures.


Operating instructions:

Insert the 9V battery, open the battery compartment cover using a screwdriver.

The device requires insertion of the thermocouple probes for temperature measurements. On the upper side there are 4 drawers for the probe. The probe has the contacts + and -, and must be inserted in the sockets with the correct polarity.

This device can not work without the attached probe.

This device is easy to use


Product overview and features:

1. The socket on the thermocouple probe and the probe

2. LCD display

3. Button power on / off

4. HOLD – Pauses the measurement and saves the current measurement data

5. UNIT - switch between ° C, ° F and K

6. Backlight - Turning on / off the backlight of the display

7. MAX - Turn on / off the display of the maximum values of the measured temperatures

8. MIN - Turn on / off the display of the minimum value of the measured temperatures

9. AVG - Turning on / off the display of average temperature values from the switch on the device after pressing the button AVG

10. The space for the battery


Product specifications:

Temperature measurement range: - 200 ~ 1372 °C - (May require appropriate thermocouple probes)

Automatic shutdown: no operation for 10 minutes


> - 100 ° C: ± 1 ° C

<- 100 ° C: ± 2 ° C

Dimensions: 200 x 85 x 38 mm

Weight: 230 g (without battery and probe)


Battery replacement:

If the battery reaches a low level, replace the battery 9V opening the cover of the battery compartment using a screwdriver.


Thermometer is not waterproof and not resistant to shock, after use to keep the children inaccessible place.


9V battery not included


Package includes:

1x Thermocouple thermometer

4x Thermocouple probe type K

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