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125kHz RFID door set with elegant design and use in the home / office

 Access set:

Contactless transponder RFID technology

Full programming from the keypad

Support card, PIN, card + PIN

External button opening

Sturdy door lock

Capacity: 2000 users

To operate doesn't need a computer



Operating voltage: 12 V DC + 10%; Current 1.2 a

Relay lock: 12V, max 2A

PIN 4 digits

Frequency: 125 KHz

Compatible cards: EM

Reading distance: 3-15 cm

Dimensions: 88 mm x 88 mm x 18 mm




Power supply:

Thanks to the NC / NO outputs, can control various
types of electric locks

A time delay circuit for opening of 0-15 seconds

High quality metal case



Input voltage: AC 110 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz

Output voltage: DC 12V 3A

External dimensions: 120x 95x 38 mm

Electric door lock:

Material: Stainless steel
Tested to 1000000 cycles
Blocked when power is disconnected
Suitable for: wooden door, metal door, fireproof door

 foto 9501_zps3cf92175.jpg


 foto T2M8QHXxNaXXXXXXXX-862546581_zpsda9f481a.jpg


Voltage: DC 12V
Current: 200 mA
Strength: 500 kg
Type of opening: 90 degrees swinging door
Dimensions: 149 (L) x 27 (w) x 34 (H) mm

125 KHz RFID cards / key fobs:

Frequency: 125kHz
Thickness of card: 0.8 mm
Reading distance: 3-10cm

 foto 536194A55319_zpsf0a9aac9.jpg



The Exit Button:

Elegant design

Quality black printing

Simple installation


 foto exitbutton_zps3286aa1b.jpg



Remote control:

With remote control you don't have to walk directly to the terminal. Using this driver can open the door to a distance of up to 50m

 foto 02_zpsc4307093.jpg

 foto connect_zpscc08db96.jpg

 foto connect_zpsbjt5y6z0.jpg



1 x RFID access control system
1 x Electric door lock
1 x Power source
1 x EXIT Button
1 x Remote control
5 x ID card
5 x ID keychain

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