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Would you like to own your personal artificial intelligence packed in a cardboard box? Let us introduce you to a TJBot, open-source project coming straight from the IBM Labs to your home. TJBot it easy to build, in a few steps you can create a carton friend with the ability to talk, see, hear and much more.

How to program TJBot?
It’s simple. Go to, where all available recipes are listed and copy the one you would like to use. It’s up to your choice which cloud services you will be using, but we recommend the IBM Cloud services, since they are offered in freemium version. In addition to that you will receive a promo code to upgrade your account and use an extended amount of services.
The package includes:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - 1x
Servo Motor 9G - 1x
Raspberry Pi adapter- 1x
Raspberry Pi Camera V2 - 1x
KY-016 RGB LED - 1x
Micro SDHC 8GB - 1x
USB Microphone - 1x
Dupont cable F-F - 4x
Dupont cable M-F - 3x
Anker Nano Speaker - 1x
TJBot Laser Cut - 1x


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