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Thanks to the availability of libraries for the Arduino you can tune in Your favorite station during the time.

Have a tip for You how this radio to use in combination with Arduino. You need to wirelessly transmit sound? In our offer in the section else even sell a wire with a microphone. Imagine that in Your house you put into every room of the FM bug. To Your Arduino, then you connect the FM radio and you can tune the sound of the room that You are interested in - what's going on in there. When we let the imagination, then our editors can imagine the situation when you send an SMS with the number of the room. This SMS shall adopt the Arduino GSM module, tune it to this FM radio to the desired frequency and sends the sound directly into the ear. The perfect complement to for example alarm. In combination with a motion sensor You can Arduino make a call, that is in the room something is happening and it is not - it is up to You to judge, whether it is a thief or member of the family. Can You think of a possible interception of all of these frequencies? Not a problem relay flip the wire up in the event of a disruption of the object.

Used integrated circuit: Philips TEA5767 FM IC
High sensitivity with integrated low noise RF input amplifier
Frequency range: 76 Mhz to 108 Mhz
Miniature module embedded virtually anywhere
Supported are also functions for reading the signal strength, MONO/STEREO, etc.

Example program for the Arduino. It's really simple.

  2. #include <Wire.h>
  3. #include <TEA5767Radio.h>
  5. TEA5767Radio radio = TEA5767Radio();
  7. void setup()
  8. {
  9. Wire.begin();
  10. radio.setFrequency(93.0); // frequency of Your favorite radio
  11. }
  13. void loop()
  14. {
  15. }

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