Terms and Conditions

Purchase agreement 

Buyer and seller are entering into a contract which subject is a product offered to customers within a range and number ordered by the customer. Contract is entered by order confirmation by the customer. E-shop must deliver the product which was purchased by the customer within the on-line order. The only exception is when the item is out of stock. Seller has to confirm the order a customer. The item will be shipped out to the address specified by the customer.


Final establishment. Online shop operation is managed by the valid rules for such a kind of businesses. In case of ambiguity of some of these establishment (or in case that buyer thinks they are incomplete) seller is willing to provide all the needed consultations and explanations.


Withdraw from the contract

In accordance to valid legislation has buyer his or her right to withdraw from the contract without any reasons in the term of thirty days the time when the item was delivered to him or her and in case that customer ordered such an item and accepted it's delivery. If the decision made by customer is to withdraw from the buyer’s contract during the mentioned term it is necessary to follow the stated conditions:

a) Send a letter (the best way is by an e-mail to the sellers e-mail address) with message:

"I would like to unilaterally withdraw from the contract entered into on date...................n. (invoice number) and I require returning of paid amount for the item in amount of...............EUR/GBP to account number:..........................or to an address..................." date, signature.

There is no other way to return the money amount to customers.

b) Customer has to deliver the item to sellers address written bellow with enclosed copy of the letter mentioned above.

ECLIPSERA s.r.o., Beckovského 2045, Havlíčkův Brod 58001, CZ

The item sent and delivered back to sellers address can't be used, damaged, has to be complex (including all the accessories, leaflets, etc.) and with enclosed copy of buyers invoice. The best way is to send the item wrapped up in its original package or other package that protects an item to a casual damage. Do not send an item as "cash on delivery" - it won't be accepted by the seller. It is recommended to insure all the sent goods.

In case of failure to comply with some of listed requirements has seller his right to refuse returning item or decrease its amount by an appropriate percentage for which the item will be accepted.

c) When all the listed conditions for item return are met we send money amount reduced by the distribution costs by the money transfer right to the buyers bank account (in case that seller will be known buyers account number) within three working days from the day of acceptance returned delivery. Appropriate amount can be refund by cash only in the case that customer returns his or her item personally.

d) In case that buyer doesn't meet the conditions mentioned above, withdraw from the contract will not be valid. Delivered item will be returned and the costs will by demanded from buyer. Seller is entitled to calculate other possible cost to buyer.


Seller acquires the right to decrease an item price for the amount which got lost by its common usage.


Guarantee. Guarantee conditions are determined by generally set legislation. In case of guarantee fell free to contact us for more information.

Privacy Policy. Seller declares that all the personal data are confidential, will be used only for buyers contract purposes and will never be published to a third party, etc., excluding the sellers necessity to realize the deal (activities related to distribution or payment regarding to an ordered item - name and delivery address). Seller declares that due to customer requirement, will delete all his or her personal data with no reason from the clients database and be willing to let him or her check the database personally.

Liability Limitation. Seller is not responsible for casual, occasional, indirect or accidental damage including profit loss, business interruption, data loss, injury or any property or non-property losses even if the seller was contacted about possible causing such a damage.


When warranty claim possibility of purchase price discount

When claim the warranty the seller is responsible for the quality and non defection of item sold. In case of defected item was delivered to a buyer, customer acquires the right for replacement or item repairs. When nor replacement neither repair is possible customer can withdraw from the contract. Seller can offer an item discount of the market price when defect found.

If the defect happened or was found within two year warranty, it is necessary to refer whether substantial of non substantial breach of purchase agreement contract. In the first situation the customer can choose, whether wants to replace the item, repair or withdraw from the contract or provide the discount. When non substantial contract breach customer can demand defect elimination or discount. Withdraw from the contract is possible only if the seller refuses to repair the defect or does not repair the defect on time.

If you purchase the item for your company it is necessary to contact us in advance and tell us your VAT number, after the verification of your details we can sell you the TAX excluded item.

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