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The interface of the TPC, the remote switch

16-channel open / closed relay output

Supported password protection for safe operation

Features 3kanálového time switch in each output

Cortex-m series, ARM high-performance processor, stable and reliable

To the local network connects using the included network cable



1. Dimensions: 250 * 90 * 23 mm

2. Input voltage: DC 12V - adapter is supplied or 15-60V DC input in the terminal for industrial use

3. Power consumption: 12V: Max 7W, 15-60V: Max 8W

4. Relay voltage (maximum output current / voltage): 10A 277VAC / 28VDC, 12A 125VAC

5. Working temperature: -25 ~ 75 ° C


Package includes:

1x Industrial ethernet 16-channel output TCP / IP web relay remote switch

1x 12V AC power adapter

1x Network cable

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